Mobile providers to succeed six strategies

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First of all we must realize that mobile devices the user has a huge impact on mobile power, this is an undeniable important facts. E-commerce sites of multi-channel marketing lead single trading days has left us. Mobile power to seize the mobile user, must adopt the method of variable character, rather than waiting for the passive response and transaction.
1, on the marketing channels:
Tend to choose a single way, such as email or offline, mobile application extent will need to keep the time online. They're not lazy in the user's direct action to provide the value of the discount and service, more is according to user's indirect activities, such as login or visit a web site.
2, high integration:
Have to say, web and mobile client seamless docking up this is a landmark. A service-oriented architecture is to allow different applications like never before in the past that communicate with each other. Integration of various resources to provide value for customers, it is the key to the mobile power.
Online that provide customers with preferential and promotion effect is not significant, but on the mobile network is of special significance. Now, it is time for players to focus on mobile phone app, can provide them with more partners, and other integrated value.
3, socialization:
Socialization has long been regarded as mobile hardware killer app. Electricity and mobile client, you must has two features, marketing and promotional activities is also allows users to set up the group to share the social media comments. Creative ways to make consumers and their network system involved, including those based on location, demographics and behavior of self-organizing network (adhocnetworks). This is very important.
4, the game:
Don't look down upon those simple game and score accumulation of the badge, it can make products to effectively play the potential of electronic commerce. Gaming and is highly related to electricity, because it can even be traditional e-commerce sites is widely used. It has close relationship with improving mobile phone user loyalty, users will be for those very attractive goal, impulsive purchase. If the "play" good, gaming can create a winner among the rich and business, this is an important distinction.
5, consumer context awareness:
Compared with the computer, mobile phone's biggest advantage is that it has the ability of providing context. Either through the user login to track their location, or the be fond of according to the user delivery dynamic and custom menu, or simple user behavior and relatively popular product mix, when users use mobile e-commerce application, understanding of consumer context and action, is a key factor in its success.

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